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In Atlanta, I’m sure many of us think of the word “surf” in relation to music as Hawaiians on a beach enjoying a luau near the sunset waters or the Trashmen performing “Surfin’ Bird,” a terrible yet iconic tune of the ’60s. However, for anyone interested in the surf rock genre, let me just say that Atlanta trio Anarcticats bring it to life way better than the guys next door in their garage.
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Surf rock is a finicky genre to do right. Too often it can end up sounding like a sloppy garage rock band that will never make it out of the basement. But when done right, you end up sounding like Atlanta’s Antarcticats. Antarcticats bring the rawness of punk and meld it with classic surf and swing elements. You can hear from the first note that these guys can play and just feed so well off each other.
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After spending the last year writing and touring the east coast extensively, Antarcticats are racing into 2017 with a fire under their heels. Their newest single “Teeth” mirrors their electrifying live performances, with an energy that threatens to boil over into madness. A love song at its core, “Teeth” explores the light-hearted and fleeting nature of a budding romance. “The song is about meeting someone that you have an instant connection with, blowing off your commitments to be with that person, and taking advantage of that brief window before complacency and comfort set in”, frontman Andrew Joyce describes.

Joyce met drummer Chad Miller while the two attended Georgia Tech, and collaborated on other projects before forming Antarcticats in late 2014. The surf punk group hit the ground running, releasing their debut Short Stories EP in March 2015, and their follow up Irregardless EP in November 2015. Current bassist Chris Senador joined the band at the beginning of their first tour, a 1000+ mile endeavor between Atlanta and Chicago.

In the past year, Antarcticats have kept up a regular performance schedule, while still adding new material to their sets. To kick off 2016, the trio supported both SWMRS and the Frights, giving them the momentum to reach a wider audience throughout the state. Appearances at Inman Park Fest, the Big Thing Fest, and the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival followed. A “Deluxe EP” reissue of Irregardless and Short Stories was released in the summer, and the band embarked on a three-week tour of the east coast in support.

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I Know You Are, But What Am I?

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Irregardless / Short Stories Deluxe EP

Irregardless / Short Stories Deluxe EP


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