Fevergreen releases Phased Portraits EP


Private press preview for Phased Portraits

Phased Portraits captures the freedom in accepting life’s instability. 

Like sunlight streaming into your bedroom in the early morning, catching dust particles and displaced items and clutter from the night before, Fevergreen’s new EP Phased Portraits serves as a soft wakeup call from the darker, midnight haze of previous album Us in Full Bloom (2018). 

What started as a small collaboration between songwriter and guitarist Austin Vos, and drummer Colin Vana, has grown into a full-fledged band with this newest EP. Fevergreen’s newly established lineup includes Vos on lead vocals and guitar, Patrick Lim on guitar, Chris Senador on bass, Vana on drums, and Anthony Martin on saxophone. 

This indie-rock band from Atlanta distinguishing themselves with their raw, soulful songwriting and production, started with a simple love of music and a desire to create abstract musical experiences grounded by classic song structures and universal themes, such as depression and anxiety in Us in Full Bloom

Now, their new EP Phased Portraits brings a new theme and approach to their discography, and a chance to demonstrate their capabilities as as bona fide act in the Atlanta indie scene. 

 “Phased Portraits was written and recorded to be performed live, with more concise arrangements in contrast to the extremely layered Us In Full Bloom,” says Vos. 

These arrangements include continued classic indie-rock foundations with the introduction of the saxophone and a lighter, hopeful twist on Vos’s typically subdued vocals and Lim’s chords. 

Phased Portraits also ushers in a new perspective: life’s unstable nature —  and the acceptance of it.  

Phased Portraits features a collage of subjects with an overarching theme that life will never exist in a static state the way a portrait does in a gallery,” says Vos. “Moreso it will ebb and flow, going through the motion of highs and lows.”

From the upbeat intro “Let it In,” a song about letting the simple pleasures in life fill you up and propel you forward, to the melancholy “Cluster Headache,” where life again becomes so hard that even the simplest of tasks put undue strain on the soul, or the heartwrenching “Lay Me Down,” a song about being faced with the mortality of a loved one — this album creates a collage out of these ebbs and flows, ties them together with honesty and emotional authenticity, and filters it all through a sepia-tone ambiance.

PHASED PORTRAITS: Fevergreen’s new EP takes on a softer tone.

PHASED PORTRAITS: Fevergreen’s new EP takes on a softer tone.

Look out for Phased Portraits on Spotify on August 23 and their forthcoming release show, on September 13th at The Drunken Unicorn.