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If the Callous Daoboys are the six-pack of warm PBRs that you plan to down right now (because, you know, weekend), then Identikit is a six-pack of fine chilled wine, the kind that you’d be embarrassed to pronounce in a fancy restaurant in fear of butchering the name. A seamless blend of bossa nova and latin jazz, “El Árbol Fantástico” features a feisty ensemble of top-notch musicians, so crazy tight that you’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of them before. No, really. As far as I can tell, Identikit only exist online through this single, a witty Facebook page, and a handful of gigs in Atlanta’s underbelly. Where on earth did this saucy gang hail from? Who knows, but let’s hope they reveal the rest of their classy repertoire at a later date. (And maybe by then, we’ll know how to pronounce that type of wine in public.)
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Identikit is a sextet that performs original progressive music drawing from diverse genres and traditions including klezmer, latin jazz, orchestral rock, and big band swing. Bringing their orchestral string- and woodwind-infused instrumentation to the stage, Identikit's unique sound has been exploring the limits of Atlanta's taste in music since early 2017.

April and September of 2017 respectively saw the releases of Identikit's debut EP, The Allure, and followup EP, Immersion.

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Archie //  bass
Bobby //  drums
Britta //  violin, vocal
Grace //  clarinet
Justin //  keyboard
Ryan //  saxophone, clarinet, vocal

Lollie //  long-distance flute
William //  intercontinental ballistic violin


The Allure

The Allure