House Cat Records Goes International With Addition of UK-based Elephant Radio


From humble beginnings as an acoustic duo trawling open mic’s, ER's vision always was to become a full band and work soon began on their debut EP ‘California FM’ which dropped June 2018. Inspired by a generation of Brit pop and psychedelic pioneers Elephant Radio seek to create but not emulate.

This week House Cat Records welcomes UK-based Elephant Radio to the label.

The psychedelic rock band was looking to expand and decided that American-based House Cat Record’s “DIY approach and aesthetic,”  said Liam, was exactly what they were looking for in a label.

“For any band it’s a dream to be a part of a record label, for us we really connected with House Cat Record’s,”

The band originated in Brighton, UK and draws inspiration from bands like The Beatles, Oasis, Pink Floyd and Tame Impala to form their classic psychedelic rock sound.

Band members include Freddie, Joe, Liam, Archie and recently added Seb, Freddie’s brother, who is now contributing on bass and with vocals.

Elephant Radio performing "Different Lives" at Sofar in Amsterdam on August 11, 2018. Sofar puts on hundreds of intimate shows each month around the world.

Eventually, they hope to join up with House Cat Records here in Atlanta.

“Secretly, we always imagined ourselves most at home with you guys across the pond,” they said.

Currently, though, their goal is to produce their next EP, hopefully beginning tracking in the spring. They also plan on recording new videos and setting up a UK and European tour this year.

Narah Landress